Red Frog Beach Island Resort – Welcome to Nature

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Red Frog Beach Island Resort – Welcome to Nature.

Red Frog Beach Island Resort. Is located at the beautiful Bastimentos Island Archipelago, with pristine waters and surrounded by the beauty of a bast jungle.

Bastimentos Island Red Frog Beach Island Resort Is truly an undiscovered treasure of nature and we are proud to be located in this beautiful location and is we are fully compromised on its habitat preservation.

Discover… A 5-minute boat ride away from our resort is “Old Bank” on Bastimentos Island. Discovered by Spanish explorers in 1502AD, today you will find a small community with a rich culture. Home to a variety of cultures, many of whom have ancestors who arrived to the area to work for Chiquita Banana in the early 20th century.

Our Beaches Red Frog Beach has been featured as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Other beaches on Bastimentos are just as beautiful and include: Wizard Beach, Turtle Beach (beach club location), North Beach, Cayman Beach and Playa Larga. Four of the world’s eight sea turtle species nest on these beaches. Our beaches are unique because of the lush rainforest that frames the epic scenery.

 For adventure seekers, Feel the rush of adrenaline and freedom of soaring through the air. Pass by trees that have been growing here for centuries; birds, monkeys and other exotic animals may curiously watch and welcome you to their treetop homes.

From our Spa & Wellness Menu, El Susurro Spa offers a natural setting unlike any other spa you have experienced. Hidden within an island valley below a majestic canopy, the whispers of nature come alive with a trickling waterfall, singing birds and the large blue morpho butterflies dancing through the air. Must schedule appointments in advance.

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Best Accommodations

Condos… The Cliff Condos are located in one of the most ideal Caribbean island settings one can imagine. The upscale finishes for these condos is the best in Panama and no other setting offers the upscale amenities, wildlife and charm of Bocas del Toro. 1 and 2 bedroom units available.

Villas…The unique hillside and beachfront locations offers amazing views of lush island landscape or/and the turquoise Caribbean. Floor plans provide plenty of comfortable indoor and outdoor space to enjoy with friends and loved ones.

Jungle Lodges… the Jungle Village includes an exclusive pool and occasional monkey swinging through. These Balinese style one and two bedroom units have incredible views and fully equipped kitchens, AC, coffee makers, free WiFi and tv. Some units have an extra loft or two so ask for details. You will feel the pulse of the island staying here.

Beachfront Rooms… Single bedroom options offer spacious rooms and an incredible island setting. Free WiFi, AC and tv,

“We went here on a romantic getaway and it was the perfect combination of romance, adventure and unforgettable scenery – the views and beach were better than any place that my girlfriend and I have ever been.” – R. Ream 2020

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Everyday Sustainability

Red Frog Beach Island Resort is the only Green Globe certified property in Panama. The property has been re-certified for the third consecutive year!

To mention some of the measures we are taking to conserve of environment and energy in Panama:

– Energy saving with onsite solar

– Water conservation through rainwater catchment system

– Reforestation of previously used cattle grazing lands

– Beach cleaning projects

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Welcome to the wonderful world of Red Frog Beach Island Resort – Batimentos Island – Bocas del Toro.

We are happy that Red Frog Beach Island Resort is part of the All Panama Destinations Group WhatsApp +506-61207000 –  @all_panama_destinations with a Paradise destination. Our interest is to see that our clients will be very well guided in destinations with an extraordinary and historical Tourist Circuit and environmentally friendly hotels.