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Lucero Golf and Country Club Lifestyle

All of the things that conspire to create the perfect healthy, active lifestyle make Lucero one of the best places to live in Panama. Making friends and building a social life comes easily. With more than 6,000 expats in the area, you are among like-minded people who share your values and enjoy the same things.

Your perfect days can be as full or as quiet as you want them to be. Life in Lucero includes golf, tennis, swimming, and hiking right outside your door. There are numerous nature trails throughout the community where one can spot local animals, birds and butterflies.

You can spend the day on a pristine beach an hour away, or if you want something more adventurous, you will find hiking, horseback riding, zip lining and white water rafting in the surrounding mountainous area.

When you want to meet friends for coffee or lunch, or do a little shopping, take a 15-minute drive to the mountain town of Boquete – one of the top five destinations in Panama – where you’ll find wonderful restaurants, supermarkets selling organic food and locally grown coffee, and global banks. American money is accepted and you’ll get by comfortably speaking English in most places.

If you yearn for the bright city lights, David, the capital of Panama’s Chiriqui Province, is an hour’s drive away, and Panama City is approximately a 6 hour drive from Lucero.

Modern healthcare is provided by US-trained doctors, and the cost of medical visits and prescriptions is considerably less expensive than in North America.

Lucero Golf


Everyday Sustainability

From organic veggies to native flora, we keep our Property green

Lucero, more than golf and views, is a property immersed in the middle of a compound ecosystem characterized for being a tropical rain forest and for having a weather that, regardless of the passing of the seasons, feels like an eternal spring.

In this specific conditions, coffee grows in the highlands of Boquete, and in our property, it is saw and harvest along the lines of our golf course designed to follow the shape of the mountains.

Between every swing, our coffee grew and rose to the occasion, being the only coffee cultivated in a golf course in Panama. A unique sweet flavor, Hacienda Lucero is a coffee with a fruity taste, harvest by the hands of the Ngabe Buglé community in La Estrella, Jaramillo making it more and more sustainable through every batch produced.

The entire Lucero golf course community has been developed with careful consideration for our natural surroundings to protect the array of flora and fauna and help it flourish. Lucero Tree Houses are placed on reclaimed pastureland to avoid clear-cutting forestry for the development. We offer some home styles with the option of solar roofs to capture the sun’s rays and reduce energy bills.

Natural rainwater from an onsite pond is used to irrigate the golf course and all lawns and gardens. At the Lucero Golf & Country Club Course, we practice erosion control and the safe use of chemicals and fertilizers to minimize any potentially harmful effects on the ecosystem.

Lucero coffee, other fruits and vegetables that are grown organically on our lands will be served in the golf course clubhouse and made available to our residents. At Lucero, we are continually looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and preserve the natural beauty of our home.

Fauna Mark

Luxury Treehouses & Lucero Golf and Country Club

Choose One of our luxury treehouses, for a taste of the good life at Lucero.

Imagine waking up feeling like you’re floating in the sky with birds singing in their nests next to you and tree limbs arching over your bed. This is the experience of sleeping in one of our luxury treehouses.

Perched the ground in the spreading branches of magnificent cloud forest trees, our treehouses offer 270-degree views overlooking the fairways of Lucero Golf and Country Club, the forests of Bruno Azul and all the way down to the Islands of Boca Chicas.

On most nights, you can spot the Milky Way and various shooting stars from your patio, while you listen to the soothing sounds of the Aqua Blanca River below.

Come to where lush emerald greens touch the clouds in the Boquete Highlands of Panama. Where every hole of our championship golf course comes with its own breathtaking view.

Michael Poellot has designed courses around the world in his signature style. Raideep Lal liked the style of course that Michael designed and chose to work with him to create this amazing 18 hole, 7,241-yard-long challenging course.

Michael Poellot’s view on the Lucero Golf Course are as follows.


Quintessential Panama

“Exquisitely sculpted into the hillsides of Chiriqui Province, the championship-caliber Lucero golf course is as rare an experience as the world-famous coffees that adorn the hillsides of the nearby mountain town of Boquete”.

While playing each unique hole of the 18-hole adventure, the golfer can experience the beauty, vastness and richness of the Panamanian tropical highlands from holes on the highest ridges with ‘forever’ views of Volcan Baru, to the lower, verdant jungle holes enveloped in lush greenery and abundant wildlife, to the holes cascading down the slopes through the Lucero coffee plantation.

“As a devoted lover of the natural environment, the opportunity to share in the creation of the Lucero golf course has been one of the highlights of my career as a golf course architect.”

The team at Lucero has augmented the design with lots of color in the beautiful landscaping on many of the holes.

The addition of a Coffee Plantation and thousands of fruit trees around the Golf course adds its own charm. These plants attract lots of butterflies, hummingbirds and other birds for Golfers to appreciate as they play the course.  Mike Poellot, ASGCA



Welcome to the wonderful world of Lucero Golf, Luxury Tree Houses & Country Club – Boquete – Chiriquí.

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