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The beautiful and best Eco Hotels & Resorts by All Panama Destinations

Experience a unique combination of luxury and sustainability with our beautiful Eco Hotels & Resorts. Together we can raise awareness of the choices we make when we travel, forever changing the ways of the industry. So if you believe that a more sustainable future is in your hands, join our community.

About Us

All Panama Destinations is an independent, boutique hotels company founded by a former Hotel & Tourist Expert who turned his lifelong passion of 30 years’ experience in Hotel Guest Service and Hotel Operations in the Rep. of Panama.

Over the years, providing the very best travel experience for each and every one of our clients, with our Tourist Circuit 10 Days – 9 Nights across Panama City, Isla Palenque, Pacific Ocean at Chiriqui Province, Boquete – Chiriqui, Isla Bastimento – Bocas del Toro Province.

Our Mission

– Commitment to the Best Experience –

All Panama Destinations is committed to creating the best golf & family trip experience for each individual group or FIT.  


We believe the experience of the golf & family trip is comprised of three things:

  • Arranging every logistical detail so you can spend time enjoying the trip (transportation, lodging, dining options, and much more.)
  • Great friends and company on the trip.
  • Amazing golf courses and Family activities.
  • Let us use our golf or family trip passion to make yours great.

Luxury Vacations in Panama

If you are ready for a luxury tourist circuit, then you are ready for Panama. All Panama Destinations will take you to Casco Viejo, the charming historical district with its colonial architecture.

Luxury tourist circuit vacation in Panama

Enjoy a fruity drink on the sunny Isla Palenque in Chiriquí in the Pacific Ocean, enjoy the mountains and the Barú Volcano in the beautiful Panamonte Hotel and enjoy playing Golf at Lucero Golf Country Club and continuing we will reach the Caribbean Sea at Isla Bastimento in Bocas del Toro where you will enjoy the Caribbean at the Red Frog Resort.

You can always walk through the jungle and end up in a luxurious ecological Hotel. Tell us what you want to see and we will inform you about all your fabulous options.



About Panama

The Republic of Panama is located in the center of the Western Hemisphere.

Bordered: to the north by the Caribbean Sea, east with the Republic of Colombia, on the south by the Pacific Ocean and west by the Republic of Costa Rica. Panama is the link between Central America and South America, being an isthmus of 80 km. wide in its narrowest section.


More about the majestic of Panama

  • Official Name: República de Panamá. Capital: Ciudad de Panama.
  • National Bird: The Harpy Eagle symbolizes the pride and strength of the people in the Isthmus in pre-Columbian times.
  • The flower: The Holy Spirit is the National Flower of Panama, its scientific name is Periferia Elata. It is characterized by being an Orchid of intense ivory colored petals, embellished in the center of its libel with a well-defined and delicate dove which blooms in the months of July to October.
  • The National Symbols are: The Hymn, the Flag and the Coat of Arms.
  • Land Area Density: 75,517 km2,
  • Population: 4.4 million.
  • Political Division: 10 provinces and 5 counties.
  • Government: Constitutional democracy, centralist Republic.
  • Language: the official language is Spanish, however, many Panamanians speak English or other languages.
  • Weather: Panama is a Tropical Weather country and the temperature is usually constant throughout the year. Its seasons are divided into dry and rainy season.
  • Religion: There is absolute freedom of Religion in Panama. Most Panamanians are Catholics. However, due to the great diversity in the country, there are numerous churches, temples and synagogues.

Experience an unique combination of our luxury circuit of 9nights/10days

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    Eco Hotels & Resorts Selection 


    JW Marriott Panama City
    Isla Palenque
    Panamonte Hotel
    Lucero Hotel & Golf Country Club
    Red Frog Resort


    JW Marriott Panama City

    Transcend into blissful serenity at our panama city hotel

    Retreat to JW Marriott Panama, where you will be immersed in timeless luxury and unrivaled service every moment of your enriching getaway. Situated along the shores of Punta Pacifica, our high-rise, luxury hotel boasts a convenient location surrounded by a variety of businesses, plus shopping and entertainment options, in the Financial District.

    Ignite your stay by splashing into our resort-style infinity pool, soaking up striking views of the Panama City skyline and sipping a tropical cocktail from our poolside restaurant. Wind down and entice your taste buds with authentic, Latin American seafood dishes at our signature restaurant, Tejas Restaurant.

    After a thrilling day thriving in the city, indulge in the comfort of our spacious accommodations adorned with plush bedding and opulent décor inspired by the sparkling coastline. Treat yourself to a bottle of champagne as you unwind and relax on your private balcony as the sun sets. Your vacation at JW Marriott Panama will be anything but ordinary.

    JW Marriott Panama City


    Isla Palenque

    You want a truly untouched tropical island experience. You want an undiscovered, faraway place that will energize you, refresh you, and send you back home anew.

    Well, Traveler. You found us. This is the heart of Isla Palenque, a 400-acre, private, tropical island resort in the Gulf of Chiriquí, Panama.

    It is a rare place. Rich in primary forest, 7 secluded beaches and a sacred history of archaeological significance. Isla Palenque resort is right out of a page of your favorite, fantasy island novel.

    Because what is life, without a sense of wonder.


    • Private, Tropical Island in Panama
    • National Geographic Unique Lodge of the World
    • Visit a Pre-Columbian site with historical & archaeological significance

    Isla Palenque


    Panamonte Hotel

    Boquete’s Host to World Travelers, Since 1914

    The Panamonte Hotel in Boquete is Panama’s ONLY registered member of the prestigious and exclusive Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

    There is a good reason for this: The Panamonte Inn & Spa is a European style hotel where the ambience is elegant but unpretentious, the service is impeccable and personal, the accommodations are tasteful and comfortable, and the dining experience ranges from simply very good to fantastic.

    Since 1914, Panamonte Hotel has been the Boquete hotel of choice for travelers from near and far. National and international flights into David (approximately 45 minutes away from Boquete) and modern highways make the trip quick and easy.

    The Collins-Elliot family, for more than 50 years, has blended their Old World Swedish traditions with the friendliness of Panama, in Boquete’s extraordinary setting of natural beauty. They have created a destination luxury hotel that has become a tradition for many. Families from Panama City, the United States and Europe have been coming to The Panamonte for three generations to celebrate weddings, honeymoons, christenings, and family reunions—sometimes booking all of the hotels 25 rooms to accommodate their guests.

    Panamonte Hotel in Panama


    Lucero Hotel & Golf Country Club

    Come to where lush emerald greens touch the clouds in the Boquete Highlands of Panama. Where every hole of our championship golf course comes with its own breathtaking view. 

    Choose One of our luxury treehouses, for a taste of the good life at Lucero.

    Imagine waking up feeling like you’re floating in the sky with birds singing in their nests next to you and tree limbs arching over your bed. This is the experience of sleeping in one of our luxury treehouses.

    Perched the ground in the spreading branches of magnificent cloud forest trees, our treehouses offer 270-degree views overlooking the fairways of Lucero Golf and Country Club, the forests of Bruno Azul and all the way down to the Islands of Boca Chica.

    On most nights, you can spot the Milky Way and various shooting stars from your patio, while you listen to the soothing sounds of the Aqua Blanca River below.

    Michael Poellot has designed courses around the world in his signature style. Raideep Lal liked the style of course that Michael designed and chose to work with him to create this amazing 18 hole, 7241 yard long challenging course.  Michael Poellot’s view on the Lucero Golf Course are as follows.

    Lucero Hotel & Golf Country Club


    Red Frog Resort

    An Island Resort Designed by Nature

    30 miles off the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, the islands of Bocas del Toro in Panama offer the combination of upscale villas, stunning beaches and nature at its very finest.

    Red Frog Beach has been featured as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Other beaches on Bastimento Island are just as beautiful and include: Wizard Beach, Turtle Beach (beach club location), North Beach, Cayman Beach and Playa Larga. Four of the world’s eight sea turtle species nest on these beaches. Our beaches are unique because of the lush rainforest that frames the epic scenery.

    Not surprisingly, Red Frog Beach is one of the best places in Panama to catch site of the amphibian for which the beach is named. These poison-dart frogs are both beautiful and rare, but with the right pair of eyes (or the help of a savvy local), you may be able to spot one hiding beneath the leaves or sitting on a tree.

    The rough surf and sandbars make approaching the beach by boat nearly impossible, so most visitors enter through a drop-off point on the other side of the island. A five-minute walk along a well-maintained boardwalk leads to the beach.

    Red Frog Resort in Panama

    The Tourist Destinations in Panama

    Sustainable Tourism Destinations in Panama

    All Panama Destinations leans towards sustainable activities. Therefore, our experiences have an environmental impact, we help the local community and the ecosystem.

    We believe that experiences help our neighbors. Our activities support the education of the community. Therefore, each of the hotels in All Panama Destinations is committed to initiatives in education, renewable energy, local products, etc. If you believe that keeping the planet and its communities in balance begins with our personal actions, welcome to our community. All Panama Destinations hotels hire their staff locally, aiming to have a native workforce. Employees receive training on sustainable practices in the operation.

    Our Hotels in APTYD have taken actions to reduce the footprint, using clean energy

    Experiences in Red Frog Panama

    • Hotels must achieve responsible water management practices by implementing wastewater recycling technologies.
    • Guest food is purchased from farmers near the properties. With this we reduce the transport footprint and help local employment. When possible, hotels grow their own crops.
    • Hotels accept to preserve, restore and protect local biodiversity.
    • Hotels with their image implement the four R’s: reject, reduce, reuse and recycle waste. All Panama destinations Hotels provide competitive salaries and benefits and thus strengthen the local economic system. The local economy is helped by buying and hiring premises.


    • Clients staying at our Hotels have extra-ordinary experiences. Come see our nature as you experience unique natural sites, culture and local traditions.
    • APTYD has carefully selected hotels to offer you and experience your trip in a completely new way. From kayaking, Paddle Board, horseback riding, hiking, climbing waterfalls, hanging bridges to massages, we have something for everyone.

    Experiences in Tree house Panama



    Why should I use The Luxury All Panama Destinations?

    Traveling should be more than just getting on a plane and reaching a destination. Customize your stay, exotic, historical places, your diet if you need, the type of clothing you need it is recommended to bring light clothes, thin and fresh fabrics. If you visit the highlands, it is advisable to wear warm clothes.

    What is the difference between a Travel Agent and All Panama Destinations?

    A travel agent will recommend hotels, book your flights as needed.
    All Panama Destinations, on the other hand, is an expert in the Republic of Panama. An important feature is experience. We have visited our hotels and tourist destinations and we recommend according to the experience obtained.
    A travel consultant works closely with you to offer you the best of Panama.
    Our focus is personalized trips that are unique to each client.
    Make your dreams of luxury travel come true and watch them take off with All Panama Destinations!

    How do I pay for my hotel reservations and flight tickets?

    All Panama Destinations is responsible for paying the Hotels and Services that you are going to pay with a transfer or Pay Pal to the Address we give you: ______________
    All Panama Destinations will receive your comments from our Tourist Circuit if you have any changes, we will send you the exact amount that you will pay by Pay Pal.
    When you are sure of what you want, a deposit will be necessary to guarantee your Hotel reservation which has to be prepaid. We provide clear and accurate payment details in each case.
    Air tickets must be paid directly by you.

    Are there any other costs or fees?

    All Panama Destinations must Pre-Pay for our Boutique Small Hotels 3 weeks before you arrive because have few rooms. Hotel taxes are included.


    Panama has a tropical climate, throughout the year in the lowlands and temperate climate in the highlands. At sea level the average annual temperature is 27 ° C / 70.6 ° F. Panama has 2 stations: Dry from December to April and rainy from May to November.

    How do I book a room or suite on your website?

    You must send us an e-mail with your expected travel date, arrival time to Panama, Airline, and we take care of EVERYTHING, Hotel Reservations, Transfers, Tours, and everything that you demand. We are much more than a service! You will work with our CEO, Juan Carlos Gómez Doninelli from All Panama Destinations whose role goes far beyond making simple reservations. Our strength lies in creating a comprehensive travel experience.



    Tree House by All Panama Destinations

    Lucero Golf and Country Club Lifestyle – All Panama Destinations

    Lucero Golf and Country Club Lifestyle All of the things that conspire to create the perfect healthy, active lifestyle make Lucero one of the best places to live in Panama. Making friends and building a social life comes easily. With more than 6,000 expats in the area, you are among like-minded people who share your...
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    All Panama Destinations

    Red Frog Beach Island Resort – Welcome to Nature

    Red Frog Beach Island Resort – Welcome to Nature. Red Frog Beach Island Resort. Is located at the beautiful Bastimentos Island Archipelago, with pristine waters and surrounded by the beauty of a bast jungle. Bastimentos Island Red Frog Beach Island Resort Is truly an undiscovered treasure of nature and we are proud to be located in...
    Read More
    The beautiful and best Eco Hotels & Resorts by All Panama Destinations

    A Very Natural Earth Friendly Experience – Hotel Isla Palenque

    A Hotel in a paradisiacal and exotic island. The Chiriqui Coast of Panama in Central America. The province of Chiriqui is located on Panama’s northwest side bordering Costa Rica and the Pacific Ocean. Between its peaks, valleys and rolling countryside, you’ll find the picturesque town of Boquete and the Baru Volcano, Panama’s tallest. The Gulf of...
    Read More


    Our Luxury All Panama Destinations are no ordinary agents – our commitment to creating your dream journey is unparalleled. We’re in touch with you seven days a week for anything you need! Simply fill out the short form below and will contact you within 24 hours.


    Contact us today to start planning the trip of a lifetime. WhatsApp: +506 6120-7000 PTY Phone: +507 64197000

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